$1,000 Super Fran Contest

  • Monthly Contest: $1,000 Super Fran Contest - Winner Takes All

    Winner takes all, modified Fran Men and Women. Enter as often as you like.
    This contest is a workout called "Francine", Fran's shorter, heavier sister. 15-12-9 at 115/95. Scores will not be shown until the end of the contest. However, the placing order will be shown correctly. That will allow you to see where your score falls in case you'd like to try again.

    Prizes - Men:
    1st - $1,000

    Prizes - Women:
    1st - $1,000

    **First 25 scores submitted get a 10 second time bonus**

    Men - 115lbs
    Women - 95lbs

    Workout Standards (see video):
    15 Thrusters (Men: 115lbs Women: 95lbs)
    15 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
    12 Thrusters
    12 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
    9 Thrusters
    9 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

    Video Submission Guidelines (Video: [url])
    - Must be a single, unedited, uncut video.
    - Entire body must be present at all times during workout.
    - Clock with second counter must be visible during entire video.
    - At start of video, athlete must state their name, affiliate (if they have one), and workout name.
    - At the end of the workout, the athlete must state the time finished.
    - Must show the bar weight, and plate weights before the start of the workout.

    *Time or rep penalties will be assessed for any missed requirements. Five misses during a workout will void a submission.
    *In case of a tie, the earlier submitted video will be chosen (submit early).

      full list

      Final Rankings: Men

      # Athlete Name GYM Name Time
      1 Patrick Barber NorCal Crossfit 1:42
      2 Jason Yu FullOut CrossFit 2:03
      3 Jonji Barber NorCal CrossFit 2:34
      4 Bill Pennewell Crossfit Royalty 3:56
      5 Aurelio Lodetti Crossfit57North 4:31
      6 Tony Cook Crossfit 319 7:00
      7 Dustin Hinton Crossfit 319 13:00
      full list

      Final Rankings: Women

      # Athlete Name GYM Name Time
      1 Anna Hulda Reebok CrossFit Reykjavík 3:00
      2 Elyse Kile Crossfit HUD 4:21
      3 Marisa Baumann CrossFit Main Line 5:34


      1st $1000

      2nd 600 Points

      3rd 480 Points

      4th 360 Points

      5th 300 Points

      6th 240 Points

      7th 180 Points

      8th 120 Points

      9th 60 Points

      10th 30 Points

      11th 25 Points

      12th 20 Points

      13th 16 Points

      14th 12 Points

      15th 10 Points

      16th 8 Points

      17th 6 Points

      18th 4 Points

      19th 2 Points

      20th 1 Points

        $1,000 Super Fran Contest

        Winner takes all, modified Fran Men and Women. Enter as often as you like. This contest is a...